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Awards Made in 2015

THFF provided $100,000 for 12 grants listed as follows:

$10,000 to Whitmore Bolles for arts and cultural enhancement, Dearborn, MI;

$3600 to Sarett Nature Center to build bird observation platform, Benton Harbor, MI;

$2600 to Denver Urban Ministries for education programming for client minorities, Denver, CO;

$9800 to Lord's Daily Bread to provide van to transport food and people, Lakewood, CO;

$10,000 to Meridian Behavorial Health Care to create a forensic bike path, Gainesvile, FL;

$4600 to Sarasota Manatee Assoc. for riding for smart horse sense and literary programs, Bradenton, FL;

$6500 to Saturday Night Bath Concert Fund for concert support, Lawndale, CA;

$10,000 to Women's Circle, Inc. to procure laptop and televisions to provide work changes, Denver, CO;

$15,000 to Broward Performing Art Center for student enrichment of the arts using SEAS/SEAS+ programs, Ft. Lauderdale, FL;

$20,000 to Family Promise for C.A.R.E program for families experiencing homelessness, Delray Beach, FL;

$4000 to Finally Home Foundation for Family wellness event training for instructors at a Family Wellness conference in 2016, Ft. Collins, CO;

$3900 to Franciscan Literary to create a pond area where children can observe animals, fish, etc. Tiffin, OH.

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Awards Made in 2014

THFF provided $81,100 for 8 grants listed as follows:

$10,000 to Food Bank of the Rockies, Denver, Colorado to support Fighting Hunger, Feeding Hope;

$10,000 to Broward Performing Arts Foundation, Inc, Ft. Lauderdale, FL to support play scenes, STEAM Ahead;

$12,000 to Bicycle House Tallahassee, FL to support capacity expansion;

$15,000 to Operation Mobilization USA, Tyrone, GA to support Freedom Climb, Jogini;

$15,000 to Boca Helping Hands, Inc. Boca Ratonm, FL to support Esperanza Home Health Aid Training Program;

$4,100 to Urban Youth Impact, Inc. W. Palm Beach, FL to support Smart, Science Meets Art, STEAM Initiative;

$10,000 to Armory Art Center, W. Palm Beach, FL to support a Partnership with Human Traffic Coalition of the Palm Beaches;

$5,000 to Saran Nature Center, Inc., Benton Harbor, MI to build an outdoor learning zone.

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Awards Made in 2013

THFF provided $92,250 for 8 grants listed as follows:

$12,000 to Village of Hope in Haiti to develop a specific marketing strategy to reach medical professionals in member congregations, clinics, practices, and hospitals with which they are connected;

$15,000 to Boca Helping Hands, Inc., Boca Raton, FL, to expand their educational program to 8 classes in which participants will learn by working for Café Esperanza;

$15,000 to Barton's Boosters, Inc., Boca Raton, FL, to support the cost of a project to plant and cultivate a garden of vegetables, herbs and fruits for use in everyday meals - a real cost saving program for families who suffer from food insecurity;

$15,000 to Operation Mobilization, Tyrone, GA, to create a donor development program to secure ongoing funding that can serve as a lever to lift donations to a significantly higher level than that already achieved by the "Freedom Climb" activity;

$15,000 to Broward Performing Arts Foundation, Inc., Ft. Lauderdale, FL, to expand their play scenes program (a component of reading readiness) to a new fully-implemented format to include 450 students from 24 Head Start classes;

$5000 to Denver Audubon Society, Littleton, CO, to provide a program which helps introduce autistic students to birds including identification, adaptation, and basic morphology leading to improved student socialization, motor coordination and attention building;

$5250 to Restoration Outreach, Aurora, CO, for the purchase of seven new computers for the GED tutoring program and plans to ensure that the new capability will meet the demands of the new GED test;

$10,000 to The VOICExperience Foundation, Palm Harbor, FL, to support the cost of a program that allows young singers to attend a conference-like intensive experience that provides continuing education and high level training to kick-start a professional singing career.

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Awards Made in 2012

THFF provided $94,500 for 13 grants listed as follows:

$5000 to Youth Haven, Inc. in Naples, FL. to purchase essential therapeutic tools needed for comprehensive assessments/successful ongoing recovery for children and youth who have been physically, sexually, and/or emotionally abused or abandoned;

$2500 to Kids in Distress, Inc. in Wilton Manors, FL for cribs and map pad replacements to achieve State compliance;

$10,000 to the Eaton Conservation District in Charlotte, MI. to construct a canoe launch as part of a class project and to increase accessibility to the Thornapple River;

$5000 to the Audubon Society of Greater Denver, CO in support of science education programs for schools to engage students in research and service learning projects to improve bird habitats in their communities and at the Audubon Center at Chatfield Park;

$15,000 to the Broward Performing Arts Foundation in Fort Lauderdale, FL in support of You Have a Voice – Addressing Bullying through the Arts and will specifically be used for artistic and production costs and materials;

$10,000 to Boca Helping Hands in Boca Raton, FL to establish a separate catering department to employ clients of Boca Helping Hands Job Readiness Program thus providing them with a salary while they learn a marketable skill;

$3900 to Children’s Home Society in West Palm Beach, FL to replace 6 computers for the staff of 4-Kids;

$10,000 to Warm Blanket’s Children’s Foundation in Rolling Meadows IL to purchase 200 portable water filters and end the search for clean water for hundreds of churches and families throughout Kenya;

$5000 to Canine Assisted Therapy, Inc. in Ft. Lauderdale, FL to introduce hundreds of new volunteers to the agency’s mission to provide qualified, dependable and caring pet therapy to those who need comfort.

$7000 to The Great Suwanee River Cleanup in Gainesville, FL for removing trash from the Suwanee and tributary rivers;

$8100 to the Old Dominion University Office of Development in Norfolk, VA to purchase a hypoxia chamber from Biospherix to allow growth of cells in a self-contained box that will slide into any standard tissue culture incubator. This will allow for investigation of cellular activity under controlled oxygen levels. Chondrocytes from patients with chest deformities will be grown under low-oxygen conditions and gene expression and protein production will be compared to cells obtained from controls;

$3000 to Restoration Outreach Programs in Aurora, CO for the Food and Clothing Bank and counseling;

$10,000 to Children’s Home, Florida United Methodist in Enterprise, FL for project “Culinary Training for Young Adults”

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Awards Made in 2011

THFF provided $80,000 for 13 grants listed as follows:

$2400 to Denver Urban Ministries of Denver, CO. for computers for Job Service clients who earn them by retaining employment for at least 6 months;

$2000 to to the Art Center in Mount Clemens, MI, to provide 12 Sundays of free professional art teaching to 900 students and families to explore creativity and encourage experimentation;

$808 to San Juan Mountain Association in Durango, CO to provide communication equipment to volunteers for emergencies in remote wilderness areas where phone service is not available;

$5500 to the La Jolla chapter of Youth in Harmony in San Diego, CA to provide an additional magnet of attraction for participation of youth in the after-school chorus by procurement of uniforms for concerts;

$3000 to the Sarett Nature Center in Benton Harbor, MI to build an 8-12 ft. tower to attract insect devouring chimney swifts whose population has been decreasing due to development of natural areas;

$2000 to the Art Center in Pagosa Springs, CO to sponsor up to 8 free nights of theater for young people from rural distressed areas to experience art and culture otherwise not available to them;

$15,000 to the Broward Performing Arts Foundation in Fort Lauderdale, FL which utilizes live theater performances in combination with reading strategies to address literacy in the classroom;

$1500 to The Gift of Swimming in Winter Garden, FL to provide individual swimming lessons to 8 homeless children this year. The skills obtained will help with safety, physical fitness and overall well-being;

$12,000 to the Institute for Advanced Vehicles at the University of Michigan. in Dearborn, MI to provide real-world automotive engineering experiences for under-graduate students through development of educational applications for production automobiles;

$5792 to Seniors First, Inc. in Orlando, FL for the purchase of computers to improve efficiency of delivery service for Meals on Wheels programs;

$10,000 to Barton's Boosters, Inc. in Boca Raton, FL to procure curriculum development and equipment for a Health and Nutrition Culinary Program for underprivileged students;

$5,000 to Friends of the Rouge in Dearborn, MI to develop a data base system to improve efficiency of communication between volunteers, constituents and stakeholders in pursuing river cleanup;

$15,000 to the Museum of Discovery & Science in Fort Lauderdale, FL to bring parents, students and teachers together with science fun. 3750 students from low-performing schools with high science gap will be reached.

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Awards Made in 2010

THFF provided $76,000 for 13 grants listed as follows:

$5,000 to Bonnet House Museum & Gardens, Inc. Ft. Lauderdale, FL, to provide for digital scanning of the Bartlett art work to create an archival record and provide for added reproduction sales;

$1,000 to the Tender Hearts Girls Home, Inc., York, SC, to provide the Homeless Shelter with new playground equipment;

$15,000 to to the Opera Guild, Inc. in Ft. Lauderdale, FL to introduce younger and more diverse audiences to opera, specifically the world premier of Cyrano and initiating a "Family Day at the Opera";

$4,000 to Henry Ford Hospital Operation in Macomb, MI for the purchase of a rotisserie to provide 250 healthy, chicken-based meals per week to the community through "Meals on Wheels";

$6,000 to Hope Well Ranch in Weidman, MI for the build of two cabins to host overnight camp, retreats and missionaries and help fund therapeutic horseback riding for children with mental/emotional challenges;

$8,800 to Resource Depot, Inc. in Riviera Beach, FL to expand their program concept of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle using the materials in free distribution to schools and teachers for educational programs;

$5,000 to Our Savior Lutheran Church of Plantation, FL, Inc. to provide for a portable sound system to enable musical groups to perform at schools, nursing homes and holiday community festivals;

$9,000 to Alzheimer's Community Care, Inc. in West Palm Bach, FL for the program "Patients music makes sense when words no longer do". A life's memory in music is created for a lasting memory;

$8,000 to Gaining Ground, Inc. in Concord, MA to support an innovative project for sustainable land use and environmental education by constructing a "green bridge" to connect to added land for increases in organic food supply for hunger relief;

$1,900 to Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary in Columbus, SC to chronicle, scan and create dvd's of African American Lutheranism now in large storage boxes;

$5,000 to Warm Blankets Orphan Care International in Rolling Meadows, IL to create a traveling worship band "GIG" in Indonesia to reach new church plants, unreached areas and refugee camps;

$2,300 to Urban Youth Impact in West Palm Beach, FL to underwrite an educational field trip to Disney Youth Educations Series for eight students enrolled in Urban Youth's Leadership after-school program;

$5,000 to Food for the Poor, FL for Haiti earthquake relief.

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Awards Made in 2009

THFF provided $90,570 for 13 grants listed as follows:

$5,000 to Family Promise of South Palm Beach County, FL. in support of supplies to their Day Center;

$7,000 to Florida International University, Miami, FL to assist in promoting public policy, designing financial models and creating innovative architectural proposals for the proposed Design Center for the Cultural Arts in Maimi;

$11,000 to the Broward Public Library Foundation, Broward County, FL to expand the content and reach of the "Broward County Library – It's Not Just About Books" program;

$15,000 to Florida Grand Opera, Fort Lauderdale, FL. to support their outreach initiative, The 2010 Barber of Seville Family Festival;

$3,410 to Bonnet House Museum & Gardens, Fort Lauderdale, FL. to expand their "Raisers Edge" database software to include a volunteer management function that would replace the current record-keeping system;

$2,657 to Bonnet House Museum & Gardens, Fort Lauderdale, FL. to create 30 mounts for 6 frames to enhance the showing of Frederic Bartlett's student drawings and paintings;

$15,000 to Christus Victor Lutheran Church, Dearborn Heights, MI. to assist in the purchase of a bus for the Christus Victor Learning Center;

$1,500 to Henry Ford Health System, Warren, MI. for purchase of a new arrhythmia machine and the launch of their new telemetry unit;

$4,000 to Impact Ministries of Central Florida, Inc. to support the "Free Home Repair Service Program" for the needy;

$4,000 to POWER Connection, Bolingbrook, IL. To upgrade their computer server with new hard drives and software to continue to enhance individuals workforce-skills;

$10,000 to Alzheimer's Day Care Center, W. Palm Beach. FL. to fund the purchase of new chairs for their Day Care Canter;

$4,350 to Operation Migration, USA, Port Perry, ON, to fund the printing of the "Craniac Kids- Whooping Crane Activity Book";

$7,500 to Kiwanis Club of S. Denver, CO. to provide the packaging of 30,000 meals in January, 2010 for starving children in the world.

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Awards Made in 2008

THFF provided $135,000 for ten grants listed as follows:

$13,500 to Family Promise of South Palm Beach County, Fl. to support a start-up which includes 13 churches who will shelter, feed and transport homeless families on a daily basis;

$15,000 to Florida Grand Opera, Broward County, Fl. to fund young artist singers who will perform and interpret opera music and answer questions from students at numerous schools in Broward County;

$20,000 to Nova Southeastern University, Fl. to develop new programming for genealogy education at the Sherman Library including an introduction to genealogy,  monthly genealogy programs for children and adults and a traveling exhibit;

$20,000 to American Risk & Insurance Associates, PA. to create an endowment fund from which funds will be allocated to make possible one or more academics or students to attend the annual meeting;

$10,000 to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, IL. to cover design, printing and postage costs associated with maxing the capacity of their on-line donor software system integrated with the ELCA foundation;

$19,000 to the Museum of Discovery and Science, Fort Lauderdale, FL to produce four 30 minute science shows which will be beamed into school classrooms throughout Broward County targeted at students 6-12 years of age;

$10,000 to the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre and Dance , MI.  to underwrite the cost of creating a DVD celebrating the history of the Glee Club at its 150th anniversary and specifically to record the fall 2008 Glee Club Concert;

$5,000 to the Habitat for Humanity of South Palm Beach County, FL.  to organize 12 churches as a team to provide volunteers and help with costs to build a home for a deserving family;

$7,500 to Warm Blankets Orphan Care International. IL.  to provide translation of leadership and training materials into Swahili for use throughout Africa to meet an essential need for proper training of caregivers and pastors;

$10,000 to Lutheran Men in Mission, IL. supporting the development of a pilot program for a new model training experience and job description for development of trained leaders;

$5,000 to the Santa Monica High School Marching Band and Color Guard of Santa Monica, CA for support of their trip to London, England to perform in the New Year's Day parade and gala concert.

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Awards Made in 2007

THFF provided a total of $110,000 in grants as follows:

$10,000 to Florida Grand Opera, Inc. to support the 2007-08 “In- School Opera Program”. A fantastic experience for students of Broward County schools to see a fully staged and costumed live opera performance and understand what quality opera programming is all about.

$12,000 to Operation Frontline Colorado to fund the groceries for 50% of the Frontline education course for this next year. Teaching at-risk families cooking and nutrition skills will very much help them to make healthy choices for meals with limited resources.

$4000 to Living Water Community Church in Illinois for the purchase and installation of hanging basketball hoops in their new Community Youth Center. It is a worthwhile addition to the many other activities that are planned for the youth.

$10,000 to Seafarer's House, Inc. for their project "Serving Those Who Work at Sea". We fully support creation of literature directed at better understanding of the difficulties facing the mariners and its use by clergy in counseling them.

$5000 to Denver Urban Ministries for their “Feed the Hungry” project. It’s exciting to help expand their food service that serves the impoverished residents of the Denver Metro area.

$5000 to The Shepherd’s Way project “Family Impact” in Florida  to help homeless families by covering part of the annual housing expense for two family apartments.

$8000 to the Hernando County Alliance in Florida for the Mentally Ill   for their education and information system upgrade. Basic skill teaching of adults and families with mental illness to help them meet their individual needs will truly improve the quality of their life.

$10,000 to Sanctuary Friends Foundation of the Florida Keys in support of their TV program, Waterways. This support is important to understanding how we can understand, protect and restore our waterways.

$4,000 to Lutheran Home and Services in Illinois in support of their new program assisting seniors living at home to be transported to places of need and interest.

$11,000 to the Broward Public Library Foundation in Florida to fund their literacy based learning tool “It’s Not Just About Books”. Connecting 5th and 6th graders to the library through this tool in collaboration with school curriculum will surely help them discover this place of lifetime learning.

$10,000 to the Detroit Symphony Orchestra to enhance the “Civic Experience” for young musicians. Providing education and performance opportunities for dedicated students and family oriented concert programming for the community greatly enhances the music education opportunities in Detroit.

$10,000 to Seniors First in Florida to fund Collaborative Art Classes for low-income older adults.  The community setting of the Neighborhood Lunch Program and the Crealde’ School of Art is very appropriate.

$10,000 to the Children’s Music Fund in California to provide musical instruments to LA based pediatric patients. The therapy they will receive through interactive sessions with a music therapist is an important adjunct to medical therapy.

$1000 to the Boys & Girls Clubs of SE Michigan for the purchase of 12 first aid field kits. It’s important to have some capability to handle injury when activities are remote from the usual source of treatment.

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Awards Made in   2006

THFF provided a total of $80,000 in grants as follows:

$6000 to Seniors First, Inc. for laptop computers with software to improve their Home Improvement Service in the field;

$2000 to the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan to help build the “little Big House” for hurricane relief in Texas to make a difference in the lives of a family affected by the storm;

$7000 to Bonnet House & Gardens for the cleaning and restoration of two Frederick Bartlett paintings acquired early this year from the Chicago Institute of Art to facilitate their earliest possible showing;

$8000 to Advent Lutheran Church to transform their current “game room” into an internet café for parents of school children, young adults and community outreach;

$10,000 to the Trustees of Advent Lutheran Church to fund a pilot program for a nurse/substitute teacher to meet any emergency medical needs of the 600 students and distribute controlled substances to those that need them;

$7900 to New Era Christian School to purchase  two euphoniums, tenor sax, double French horn, bass clarinet and xylophone, to enable students to experience a more well-rounded band;

$3000 to Advent Lutheran Church to support the cost of instruction for a program of adult and family fitness in its Advent Life Enrichment Center;

$3500 to the Boca Society for the Disabled, Inc. to set up and maintain a Disaster Preparedness & Recovery Plan to handle damage control from hurricanes and keep its center functional;

$2000 to POWER Connection for purchase and maintenance of a color copier to facilitate efficient staff production of curriculum, posters, newsletters and instruction manuals;

$3000 to the Furniture Resource Center, Inc. to purchase and ship new cribs and mattresses for co-pay purchase by disadvantaged mothers and expectant mothers for a healthy sleep environment for their children;

$5000 to the Lutheran School for Theology at Chicago to support small group, one-on-one, surveys of its clients in the field to better hone its message to connect with prospective students and donors, alumni and new audiences within their sphere of activity;

$2400 to Impact Ministries of Central Florida, Inc. to help create a scholarship program to remove the financial burden form 12 low-income youth wishing to work to provide free minor home repairs to poor residents;

$6500 to HAVEN, Inc. to establish a play therapy room for children who have experienced domestic violence wherein they are allowed to process issues that arise as a result of trauma in a non-threatening and age appropriate manner;

$1500 to Boys and Girls Clubs of SE Michigan to cover the cost of an LCD projector to facilitate teaching of staff that relates to 23,000 children annually e.g. creating art projects using the latest computer technology;

$2200 to the Broward Coalition for the Homeless to cover the cost of printing and copying materials used to communicate their message to faith based organizations;

$10,000 to the Overland Wonder of Reading Library to complete electrical work and lighting in their newly renovated library to improve the environment and benefit the Literacy and Reading programs.

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Awards Made in   2005

THFF Provided a total of $ 65,885 in grants as follows:

$5000 to Renaissance Learning Center in Palm Beach Gardens, FL  to fund start-up costs for the program for parents and caregivers of children with autism;

$5000 to Lutheran Social Services of Michigan to fund two community centers in Saginaw that provide a safe haven for children in struggling urban neighborhoods and support after-school activities, self esteem programs, substance-abuse prevention, tutoring and more;

$5000 to Warm Blankets’ Childrens’ Foundation in Rolling Meadows, Illinois to assist current programs to plant more church homes in third world countries and provide care for thousands of orphans;

$5000 to Central Illinois FRIENDS OF PWA in Peoria to assist in the purchase of a truck to distribute donated items to individuals with HIV/AIDS;

$3000 to Child and Family Services of NW Michigan to fund a creative practicum for teen boys in foster care with socialization difficulties who will benefit from experiential exposure to the arts;

$2500 to the Family Literacy Foundation in San Diego, CA to educate incarcerated mothers and fathers on the benefits and techniques of reading aloud with children with tapes of their readings sent to their children;

$5000 to the Power Connection in Bolingbrook, IL to provide for upgrade of computer servers to expand training and add security and stability to classroom equipment and as well to replace out-of-date computers for more efficient training classes and give the old ones to students who have none at home;

$5000 to Ars Flores Symphony Orchestra in Ft. Lauderdale, FL to support concerto competition which provides talented young musicians with the opportunity to perform with a full orchestral accompaniment;

$3000 to the Spring of Tampa Bay, FL for project Happy Child to provide toddler storage units, children’s furniture and educational items for the best care of these victims of domestic violence;

$2000 to Joyful Spirit Church, Bolingbrook, Ill. for assistance for advanced training in Family Ministry programming;

$3000 to Furniture Resource Centerline in Pontiac, MI to purchase 43 baby cribs and mattresses for children, referred by case-workers and nurses, to have a safe and secure sleep environment;

$4885 to the Bonnet House, Inc. Ft. Lauderdale, FL for improvements in the quality and efficiency of its collection cataloging and education programs and aid in achieving full accreditation from the American Association of Museums;

$2500 to Capital Hill Community Services in Denver, CO for their homeless meal sites to involve and support the homeless while they struggle to improve their lives and promote community involvement and philanthropy;

$5000 to Operation Migration- USA Inc. in Buffalo, NY to support outreach programs to disseminate information and educational materials to the general public to witness the spectacle of modern aircraft leading ancient birds to survival;

$5000 to Seafarers’ House in Ft. Lauderdale, FL to expand and improve the ship visiting programs to include an additional clergy person who can team with other employees and volunteers to enter cargo and cruise ships calling at Port Everglades; and

$5000 to Lawrence Technological University to fund a portion of the computer software and hardware, specifically that related to tutoring and providing accommodations to students with various disabilities.

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Awards Made in   2004

THFF provided a total of $65,200 in grants as follows:

$5000 to Macomb County, MI. Child Advocacy Center to provide forensic medical examinations of suspect cases of severe physical & sexually abused children;

$10,000 to Olympic High School, Santa Monica, CA to support guitar instructors fees in an instruction class to help disenfranchised students engage in performing arts and curriculum at Olympic High;

$5600 to Covenant House, Detroit, MI to fund Community Service Center Talk Show used as a teaching tool for remedial education tutoring, GED preparation & counseling;

$5000 to North Ottawa County Council on Aging, Grand Haven, MI to provide free service to help elderly remain safe and independent through safety checks of their homes;

$7000 to the Chrysalis Center, Santa Monica, CA to procure pressure washers, scrapers etc. for homeless to clean for-sale houses and improve their job potential;

$10,000 to Lawrence Technological University, Southfield, MI for computer hardware and software for tutoring and providing accommodations to students with various disabilities;

$4800 to Catch a Reinbow 4-H Therapeutic Riding Program, Beulah, MI  to provide a mechanical lift to enable disabled residents to mount horses for physical and emotional therapy;

$5000 to Brevard Neighborhood Development Coalition, Melbourne, FL to feed nutritious snacks to 30 children for a year at the Safe Haven Center after school so they can focus on academic tutoring;

$6500 to The Power Connection, Bolingbrook, IL for purchase of a server and software to enable training of people to enter the work force and to purchase a forklift to train and certify people to work in distribution centers;

$3000 to the Lazarus Project-Food for the Poor, Key Largo, FL to develop and maintain a we-site for the project to facilitate communications between key leaders and obtain student sponsorships at the Village of Hope;

$3100 to the TIME Project, North Illinois Synod, ELCA, Rock Island, IL for presentation equipment for congregational workshops in the area of mission planning; 

$200 to the March of Dimes Foundation for the Walk to support research to find cures of diseases in infant children.

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Awards Made in   2003

THFF provided a total of $65,000 in grants as follows:

$7500 to Grace Center in Pasadena, CA. for children who have been victims of family violence situations and for non-offending parent;

 $5000 to First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Fort Lauderdale, FL. for renovation and upgrade of its sound system;

 $5000 to the Elderly Interest Fund in Fort Lauderdale, FL to support a medical-van, one night a month,no charge care for disadvantaged;

 $2000 to Project OLE in San Francisco, CA to help transform a middle-school asphalt courtyard into a green, natural learning center;

 $10,000 to the Lazarus Project in Key Largo, FL for start-ep renewable energy for lighting classrooms at Village of Hope, Foyer Chretien, Haiti;

 $2000 to Community Emergency Literary Project in Brooklyn Park, MN for shipping cost of books to children of low income families;

 $3000 to Reading for the Blind in Southfield, MI for tapes, recorders and a computerized brailer to augment their service;

 $3000 to Haven House in East Lansing, MI for funding a parenting support and education program for homeless families;

 $5000 to Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, IL to fund an epilepsy manual, for schools “Seizure Management in Schools”;

 $5000 to Friends of the Decatur Public Library in Decatur, IL to support “Learning with Style” for those who learn best by hearing;

 $2000 to Boca Helping Hands in Boca Raton, FL for five after school centers to provide sandwiches and snacks for low income children;

 $2300 to Dramatic Works Theatre in Washington, DC to provide an opportunity for disadvantaged youth in creative live theatre;

 $7500 to Seamen’s Church Institute in Fort Lauderdale to support services on ships for seamen who cannot disembark due to security;

 $5700 to The Chrysalis Center in Santa Monica, CA to provide street service equipment to apprentice homeless persons to gain job skills

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Awards Made in   2002

THFF provided a total of $70,000 in grants as follows:

$12,500 to Generational Leadership in Maple Valley, WA for technology support for improved efficiency and outreach of their educational based, life changing program for young adults;

$10,000 to the Broward Coalition for the Homeless in Ft. Lauderdale, FL for a start-up collaborative program in Broward County involving the faith community;

$1000 to Festival of Trees/Children’s Hospital in Detroit, MI. for computer assisted, robot enhanced surgery in infants and children;

$3000 to Safe Horizons in Port Huron, MI. to provide information to the public on sexual assault prevention through radio spots;

$5000 to The Edison Institute in Dearborn, MI. for design and implementation support of a new innovative, curriculum-based field trip program at Greenfield Village

$4000 to the Children’s Creative Workshop in Malibu, CA. for physical education equipment for an inclusive program to assist 3-5 year olds in their physical development;

$5000 to the Community Care Center in Granite City, IL for support of the “Side Door” program for “at risk” kids to come on weekday afternoons for nourishment and supervised activities;

$2000 to Interfaith House, Inc. in Chicago, IL for purchase of substance abuse educational programming for its residents through use of video tapes;

$3000 to the Community TV Network in Chicago, IL for a youth development program geared toward developing leadership and self advocacy skills;

$8000 to Books for Africa in St. Paul, MN for shipment of one container of books to one of their neediest African country partners;

$4500 to Joyful Spirit Lutheran Church for support of travel for participants in the Haitian Lazarus project and for the opening events of the new church building;

$5000 to the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, IL for support of an additional brochure for recruitment specific to the master of divinity program;

$5000 to Better Existence with HIV in Evanston, IL for an innovative approach to delivering community-based primary health care and psycho-social support services to HIV-positive men and women in northern Chicago and the southern suburbs;

$2000 to Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit for adaptive equipment for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

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Awards Made in   2001

THFF provided a total of $96,000 in grants as follows:

$5000 to Lutheran Campus Ministry  for a symposium and expanded student peer ministry.

$5000 to New Horizon for New Hampshire  to finish building and equipping Angie's shelter for homeless women.

$2000 to El Paso School of Excellence for a mobile science laboratory

$7500 to Bear Hug Foundation for experimental outdoor educational program for underprivileged special needs and at-risk youth

$2000 to Valley Forge Christian College for a music technology computer

$25,000 to City of Dearborn, Michigan for the Ford Commmunity and Performing Arts Center Theater seating

$16,500 to Joyful Spirit Church to acquire technology equipment and provide training of lay-persons for a distributive education system

$5000 to University of Michigan at Dearborn for further development of the engineering school's senior projects program

$5000 to Vista Maria to support two cutting-edge, gender-specific programs for its residential clients

$7000 to Columbus Ohio Science Institute for first-hand science support for "Little Scientist's Week

$5000 for Festival of Trees, Detroit, Michigan for causes and cures of childhood diseases at Children's Hospital of Michigan

$1000 for Seattle Wa. Clothesline for purchase of clothes for needy families

$10,000 for the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America for support of care-givers in New York City working in the disaster area of 9/11/01.

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 Awards Made in  2000

THFF provided a total of $30,000 in grants as follows:

$6000 to Joyful Spirit Church of Bolingbrook, Illinois for pre-school counseling and media improvement

$2500 to the Detroit, Michigan Science Center for the expansion of their technology exhibits

$2000 to the University of Connecticut for an under-graduate scholarship in management information systems

$5000 to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America for the leaders in Mission Fund to fund seminarian tuitions

$2000 to the Ford Model T Automotive Heritage Complex, Detroit, Michigan for a video documentary of the history of the model T plant

$1000 to the Players Guild of Dearborn, Michigan for the procurement of hearing impaired audio assistance systems

$1000 to the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Players for production materials to provide educational outreach

$4000 to the South-East Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America to support mission in starting new congregations and help existing congregations

$2000 to the Detroit Zoo Conservatory for expansion of educational activities in "celebrating wildlife"

$1500 to Hartford Stage, Connecticut to support the elementary and middle school theater education programs "interAct and Connections"

$1000 to Childhood Trauma Treatment Programs, Illinois to purchase resources to enhance the existing library

$1500 to Henry Ford Estate at the University of Michigan-Dearborn to further the legacy of Henry Ford by upgrading the estate visitor center.

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