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The GRANT REQUEST will be submitted online, if requested. The format is shown below for your reference.


1. Executive Summary

Begin with a half-page executive summary. Briefly explain why your agency is requesting this grant, what outcomes you hope to achieve, and how you will spend the funds if the grant is made.

2. Purpose of Grant

Begin with a statement of needs and/or problems to be addressed. Include:

3. Evaluation

  • Plans for evaluation including how success will be defined and measured.
  • How evaluation results will be used and/or disseminated and, if appropriate, how the project will be replicated.
  • Describe the active involvement of constituents in evaluating the program.
  • 4. Budget Narrative/Justification

    5. Organization Information


      1. A copy of the current IRS determination letter indicating 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

       2. List of Board of Directors with affiliations.

       3. Finances

    • Organization’s current annual operating budget, including expenses and revenue.
    • Most recent annual financial statement (independently audited, if available; if not available, attach Form 990).

       4. Letters of support that verify project need and collaboration with other organizations (optional).

       5. Annual report, if available.



    Outcome: The intended impact or results a program or project is trying to produce.

    Project:   A planned undertaking or organized set of services designed to achieve specific outcomes that

    begins and ends within the grant period. (Note: A successful project may become an ongoing

        program of the organization.)

    Program: An organized set of services designed to achieve specific outcomes for a specified population

    that will continue beyond the grant period.

    Capital Request: A planned undertaking to purchase, build or renovate a space or building or to acquire


    General Operating Support: Grant funds to support the ongoing services, mission or goals of an organization.

    Collaboration: Organizations submit joint proposals for funding to address common issues of organizational

    capacity and program outreach where they have similar outcomes to accomplish.

    Cooperation: Organizations explain the networking and information sharing that is occurring with other

    similar organizations in their community and include any shared values that the organization

    has with similar organizations in their community.


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